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  • Home Inspections
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  • Commercial Inspections
  • Chimney/Fireplace Inspections
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  • Air Testing (mold, asbestos)
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Our Commercial services provide inspections of hotels, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, apartment buildings, retail shopping centers, and restaurants. Final report includes roofing, exteriors, paved and walking surfaces, structures, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, interiors, restrooms and suggested maintenance recommendations, repair and/or component replacement as needed.  

A home inspection is visual. If a deficiency is concealed under a floor, behind a wall, under insulation, behind or under owner belongings, or someplace else that we cannot see or access, we cannot report about it

A home inspection includes only readily accessible areas. Readily accessible means being available for observation without moving personal property, removing covers that are fastened in place, using inspection techniques that may damage property, and taking actions that may risk injuring persons (including the inspector) or damaging property.

A home inspection focuses on finding most major deficiencies. We define a major deficiency as one that may cost more than $1,000 to repair when the repair is made by a qualified, licensed contractor or one that presents a significant threat of bodily injury during normal daily use.Type your paragraph here.

A home inspection reduces, but does not eliminate risk. Buying and owning a home means assuming the risk that unexpected and costly events will occur. A home inspection is only one part of your risk management strategy along with insurance and regular maintenance. A home inspection reduces, but does not eliminate, your risk that major deficiencies may exist on the property. It also reduces the risk of minor deficiencies, but because we do not focus on minor deficiencies, the risk reduction is much less for minor deficiencies.


A home inspection is an observation of specific readily accessible and observable systems and components relating to the interior and exterior of a home. (including but not limited to foundation, roof, chimney/fireplace, electrical, water, select appliances, etc.) The objective of a home inspection is to identify most major deficiencies that require immediate major repair. Inclusive of the report we may report minor deficiencies encountered during the course of the inspection, but we focus our efforts on identifying major deficiencies that may cost a significant amount of money and time or may present an elevated hazard.

Mold, Rodents & Termites are a homes enemies. We consider the presence of all and will clearly note any visible concerns in our final report. If you suspect presence of Mold or other Allergens consider our Air Quality Testing Services.



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